Annual NSTDA Education Conference

The National Staff Development and Training Association's (NSTDA's) annual conference will feature workshops in the following areas:

  • Administrative support/communications/information design: Support for staff development, training, OD/OE interventions, processes for storage to dissemination of information (e.g., infrastructure, organizational logistics, funding).
  • Performance coaching: Processes, programs, and techniques to help learners improve their job performance, implement what they have learned from training in their work, and contribute to improved agency practice and outcomes.
  • Evaluation/research: Effectiveness of staff development, training, and OD/OE interventions, developing and testing theories of learning, training, development, and transfer of learning.
  • Instructional media: Strategies and tools for the effective use of new and current technologies to enhance teaching and learning in classroom, blended, and e-learning environments.
  • Training/facilitation: Techniques and strategies to include delivering training, directing structured learning, and facilitating groups.
  • Management: Leading in staff development, training, and OD/OE (e.g., improving management structures and processes, linking training and development with other organizational units monitoring contract activities, staff performance)
  • Organizational development and effectiveness: Facilitating organizational improvement, including but not limited to assessing training needs, diagnosing organizational problem areas, OD and OE strategies, and capacity building.
  • Training program and curriculum design: Systematic design and development of training programs and curriculum
  • Workforce planning: Predicting future staff needs of an agency, planning for the attraction, selection, development and retention of current and future workforce. 
Sunday, September 17, 2017 (All day) to Wednesday, September 20, 2017 (All day)
Savannah, GA
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