Health and Mental Health

Research shows that adults in healthy relationships experience better overall physical and mental health outcomes, as well as a decreased risk of drug and alcohol abuse. We believe that integrating healthy relationship education into health and mental health settings can expand and enhance the services currently offered to better support healthy stable families.

Good health involves both emotional and physical well-being:

  • Individual mental and physical health problems can have serious consequences for the quality of relationships, just as relationships can impact individual health.
  • Healthy, stable relationships not only help produce better mental and physical health in individuals, but are also a result of better individual health.
  • In addition to the impact on the family directly, poor physical and mental health can make it difficult to sustain employment, maintain a home, care for young children, or follow through on other important tasks related to maintaining the family’s self-sufficiency.

Healthy relationship education can improve the effectiveness of health and mental health services by offering educational tools and strategies that fit well with in healthcare settings. Learn more about strategies for integrating relationship skills into your agency’s current service offerings.

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