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About The Resource Center Library

In support of the National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families' goal of promoting the value of healthy marriage and relationship education (MRE) skills and encouraging their integration into safety-net service systems as a holistic approach to strengthening families, the Resource Center's library collects material that supports the following assertions:

  • Healthy marriage is a central component of supporting families in their efforts to achieve economic, emotional and social stability and financial self-sufficiency.
  • Healthy Marriage Education consists of the following core skills: communication, relationship (interpersonal), parenting, financial literacy and conflict resolution. These skills can be successfully integrated individually or as a collective into social service delivery systems to enhance and support program goals.
  • Integration strategies can range from simple information dissemination to full engagement where curriculum is integrated into existing service delivery systems.

The Library collects materials in a variety of formats including factsheets, practice briefs, brochures, pamphlets, other organizational summary documents, training resources or curricula, program reports or evaluations, research papers, or research materials for couples, educators, policy makers, public service agencies, and other safety-net stakeholders.

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