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Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships: Identification and Intervention: A Guide for Marriage and Family Therapists.

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Roberts, Linda J.
McCrady, Barbara S.
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United States. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.
Training Material
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As a marriage and family therapist, you are likely to see many individuals, couples, and families in your practice who are experiencing or are at risk of experiencing significant alcohol-related problems. This Guide will: 1) introduce you to an alcohol problems framework and its implications for alcohol treatment and intervention; 2) provide you with background information on defining characteristics and prevalence of a range of alcohol problems; 3) describe the significance of alcohol problems in the couple and family context; 4) encourage you to adopt a universal screening procedure in your practice for quick and efficient identification of undetected alcohol problems; 5) provide you with a Clinical Toolbox to conduct effective screenings and assessments of alcohol problems; 6) help you to decide whether to treat, when to treat, and how to select an appropriate intervention; 7) teach you the essentials of providing brief interventions for alcohol problems; 8) examine a range of treatment alternatives and discuss the factors to consider in choosing a treatment strategy or making a referral; and, 9) provide you with a number of resources that will help you utilize the various treatment strategies available or make a referral to specialty treatment alternatives when appropriate. (Author abstract)

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