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Alcohol-Related Problems, Anger, and Marital Satisfaction in Monoethnic Latino, Biethnic Latino, and European American Newlywed Couples.

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Johns, Alexis, L.
Newcomb, Michael D.
Johnson, Matthew D.
Bradbury, Thomas N.
Journal Article
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Prior studies on alcohol use and marital functioning have largely overlooked the possibility that these variables operate differently in Latino and European American couples. The present study addresses this gap by examining the role of alcohol-related problems and anger as correlates of marital satisfaction among newlywed monoethnic Latino couples (n = 13), biethnic Latino couples (n = 28), and European American couples (n = 89). Higher self-reported anger by both spouses predicted lower marital satisfaction for all couples. Ethnicity interacted with husbands' alcohol-related problems in predicting husbands' marital satisfaction in monoethnic Latino couples. Ethnicity interacted with husbands' anger in the prediction of wives' marital satisfaction in biethnic Latino couples. Conclusions and implications for treatment and research are discussed. (Author abstract).

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