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Working With Families: A Substance Abuse Curriculum.

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Georgia Department of Human Resources. Division of Family and Children Services.
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The following Learning Objectives have formed the basis for this course: 1. Recognize and identify substance abuse terms and relevant policy references. 2. Promote changes in family functioning through the recognition and acknowledgement of addiction as a disease. 3. Describe the effects of methamphetamine manufacturing and use on families, children and others associated with the case. 4. Complete casework activities that foster safety, risk reduction and permanency in families exposed to substance abuse. 5. Assist the family in recognizing that addiction is a family disease. 6. Identify different treatment strategies substance abuse professionals utilize in treating substance abusers and their relevance to casework practice. 7. Describe and utilize the five principles in Motivational Interviewing when promoting changes in the family. 8. Use positive reframing and joining skills in engaging families. 9. Recognize behaviors and conditions consistent with denial, recovery, and relapse, and their impact on the development of safety plans and case management. 10. Strengthen planning with families and case management skills that promote healthy family functioning with families in recovery while reducing risk, assessing safety and achieving permanency. Enhance skills in facilitating Family Team Conferencing. (Author abstract)

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