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Make a lasting difference for the families you serve. Promote healthy relationship skills every day.

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Every relationship has a story.
We're here to help you strengthen families for realistic happily-ever-afters. We know it can be done. We see it every day.

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Healthy starts here.

Overcome poverty and barriers to employment with holistic programs that improve relationship skills while simultaneously providing economic supports.

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Communication at work.

Communication and conflict management (the foundation of healthy couple relationships) also serve coworkers in teamwork, project navigation, and customer interaction.

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Feel better, together.

Adults in healthy relationships experience better physical and mental health, whether they’re starting a family, fighting depression, or recovering from substance abuse.

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Healthy families are safe families.

Collaboration between healthy relationship education practitioners and domestic violence and child welfare services is critical to helping families build stable home environments.

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Smart families. Smart communities.

In a country as culturally diverse as ours, there is no one-size-fits-all model for relationship education. Facilitate open, respectful exchanges and see your community thrive.

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Visit us for innovative strategies and resources. Shape an integrated, pro-active plan that fits your agency’s goals, needs, and capacity. And help change the story. Because every family deserves to be safe, happy, and self-sufficient.

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