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Supporting Healthy Teen Relationships

Research shows that developing appropriate relationship education skills—such as communication and conflict management—are important for youth, teens, and young adults. Many adolescents, particularly those surrounded by unhealthy relationships, aren’t equipped to identify the warning signs of negative behaviors that can lead to teen dating violence. Through relationship education, we can help youth learn how to develop healthy dating behaviors, while also having a positive impact on their relationships with peers, parents, and teachers.
Break the Cycle, a leading provider of dating violence programs for young people, offers the following tips for having relationship conversations with youth – whether they are your kids, students, or program participants:
  • Don’t immediately judge or make assumptions about their relationships;
  • Create a supportive, welcoming space to talk and consider providing “fidget toys” like stress balls for youth to play with as they talk; and
  • Recommend relevant local resources - but no more than three (to avoid information overload).

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