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Financial Management for Families

Taking control of financial matters helps families make progress toward economic self-sufficiency and supports healthier, less stressful family relationships. Share the following tips from the Resource Center's Strong Families: Tips for Healthy Financial Management to help the families you serve to strengthen their financial positions and relationships:
  • Identify money habits and attitudes - You and your partner will be more likely to handle financial discussions and conflicts in healthy ways if you both have a good understanding of each other's habits and attitudes towards money.
  • Track and reduce expenses while following a budget - Start by first carefully identifying all expenses you and your partner have in a specific period of time (such as a week or month), then try to find ways you can reduce expenses.
  • Get banked - Open checking and savings accounts. A bank account allows you to have your paycheck directly deposited. You don't have to pay for check cashing or worry about your cash being lost or stolen.

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