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When we hear the word "literacy," we often think of it in the context of reading and writing. Used more broadly, the term can mean a level of competence or knowledge in any specific area such as financial literacy. September is National Literacy Month and with school back in session, it's a perfect time to focus on improving reading and financial literacy skills. Even parents with limited literacy skills can encourage reading in children by telling them stories and providing books. President Abraham Lincoln's step-mother was illiterate, but often credited for acquiring books and encouraging his interest in learning. I hope you'll use the tips and resources below to encourage the families you serve to instill a love for learning in their children while working to improve their own literacy skills.
Tip of the Month
In addition to tailoring services and materials to literacy levels of the individuals and families you serve, social service providers can assist caregivers and children in their learning efforts by suggesting tools and resources they can use together, like these from the National Center for Families Learning:
  • Wonderopolis® - a platform for learning that covers thousands of topics that can interest adults and children and fit in between daily activities.
  • National Literacy Directory - a searchable database of literacy services, community education programs, and testing centers. Listings range from early childhood to family literacy.
  • Renegade Buggies - a free phone application that helps family members learn financial literacy skills together.
Using these resources can help improve the literacy of your low literacy clients and provide them the opportunity to connect and build strong bonds with their children. You can find more resources like these here.

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