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Millions of Americans are affected by mental health conditions. Most of us have mental health concerns from time to time. Occasional concerns may be temporary. Prolonged concerns may need to be addressed with a health professional. Left unchecked, mental health conditions can cause frequent stress and affect your ability to function, which can make you miserable and cause problems in your daily life. May is Mental Health Month. Mental Health America has put together a free toolkit to help agencies observe the month and raise awareness regarding the importance of mental health. It's also a good reminder to monitor our own mental health. Many social service providers suffer from stress or compassion fatigue which can negatively impact their relationships at work and home. I hope the tips and resources highlighted below will be helpful to you and the families you serve as we all work to strengthen families and communities.
Tip of the Month
An individual's mental health can impact their relationships with their families, coworkers, and children. Here are some tips service providers can provide to families and individuals they serve to help them stay resilient during hard times, attend to their own mental health, and promote the development of healthy relationships: 
  • Set aside time to identify emotions and create a supportive environment for expressing those emotions with your partner or child.
  • Identify and use stress management techniques such as deep breathing to soothe strong emotions.
  • Join a community activity or volunteer at a local charity to give back to your community.
You can find more tips like these in our Why Good Health Matters in Relationships tip sheet. 

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