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Engaging Fathers to Strengthen Families

June 18th is Father's Day, when we recognize the vital role that fathers and father-figures play in children's developmental support networks. Today's family structures are diverse. Many men do not live with their biological children, and many act as father-figures in blended households. Regardless of living arrangements, most want to be actively and positively involved in the lives of their biological and/or non-biological children. Schools and social service providers need to be intentional about creating father-friendly environments to engage them, and use outreach strategies that welcome multidimensional families.
Tip of the Month
Fathers play an important role in family life and the healthy development of their children. This is true whether parents are married, cohabiting, romantically involved, or co-parenting. In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on involving fathers in services for families, such as early childhood education and home visiting. Here are some practical tips from Fathers Incorporated for service providers seeking to engage fathers:
  • Respect: Recognize and articulate the importance of fathers' relationships with their child(ren) and partner/co-parent.
  • Access: Address any barriers to father involvement and establish a framework and criteria for the inclusion of fathers in services.
  • Build Capacity: Recruit male staff, develop partnerships with other agencies, and invest in staff training to better serve fathers.

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