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Holiday Parenting

The holidays are filled with opportunities to spend time with friends and family! Unfortunately, these opportunities also come with challenges, especially for parents. Childcare and co-parenting schedules can be challenging with younger children. Differing expectations and more unsupervised time can make parenting teens more stressful this time of year. Healthy communication skills and advance planning can ease some of the stress. Establishing schedules and setting clear expectations can improve the likelihood of getting through the holidays with fewer conflicts. As parents, we also have to learn to lower our expectations of ourselves. The added stress of trying to be the perfect parent, hostess and gift-giver isn't healthy. We hope that the tips and resources included below are helpful to you and the families you serve as you navigate this season's stressors to make happy holiday memories. 
Tip of the Month
Regardless of the status of a parent's romantic relationship with their co-parent, raising a child always has challenges. Married, biological parents may not see eye-to-eye on the balance in their responsibilities. Meanwhile a couple raising a child while living apart may be completely in sync.  No matter the romantic situation you, or the families you work with, may be in, here are some quick tips for healthy parenting: 
  • Be Positive. Children do better when they receive encouragement instead of criticism. Remember, your children get positive messages from things you say and do (such as a hug or a high five). 
  • Connect. Children need to feel loved and build strong bonds with their parents. Spending time with your children is one of the best ways to help them feel loved.
  • Manage Behavior Effectively. Parents need to model positive behavior, set clear expectations and boundaries, and be consistent. Be sure you know your children's friends and other influences, such as what TV shows and movies they are watching, what they are doing on social media, and what they are doing when they spend time online.
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